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How this group works

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Hey guys! Welcome to AnimeVitalityClub!

This is where you awesome deviants can come over to check out any works to do with anime or manga, and even both! And of course, obviously you all can submit your own stash of awesome works. ;)

Now those members that had been here long enough to notice, is that there are more folders coming along the way you can see! And I had put these up so all the deviations submitted to groups can be more organized for everyone to look over! :la:

So I'll explain briefly how the basic rules are.

[ 1 ] ALL works submitted here MUST be anime/manga related. This is a club dedicated to those two after all. So either you can submit a deviation that is showing somewhat a style of anime/manga in your works. IF it is not in either of two styles AT ALL, than it must be at least related to an existing official anime/manga. An example of this is perhaps Goku from Dragonball Z drawn in a Marvel comic like style is allowed. Not anime/manga style, but still related to an official anime/manga character. Original characters that are completely irrelevant 100% to anime/manga can be accepted as long as it is drawn in a somewhat anime/like style. Heck, even Batman as an anime/manga character drawings are allowed! Any questions, please ask me or my fellow Admins~!

[ 2 ] And please do your best all to submit it to the correct folder. So if someone is submitting a Cosplay picture for example, it would obviously go into the "Cosplay" folder, and not into the "Pixel Art and Animation" folder. It makes mine, and all the other Admin's jobs a lot more easier. If you are confused about the folders by some chance, again just feel free to ask one of us! :)

[ 3 ] And no bullying, and attacking people and their works please. Of course constructive, and I repeat, constructive criticism is always encouragable, but not bashing and attacking a person and/or their works. We want to make people feel as comfortable as they can and hope that others have a pleasurable experience here! If anyone has problems along these lines please contact one of us.

Folders that you all can submit to:

Anyone can submit to this but we will choose those of the best works and ones with some originality to it as well. The featured folder will work just like any other featured folder, with certain works being featured. So don't fret if it is rejected! There is always other folders to submit to, or just keep trying! :)

Digital 2013:
This is the newest most updated folder that has been added, and of course as the title says, all Digital art that doesn't follow under any other folders goes in there.

Traditional 2014:
Same concept as the Digital 9 folder, only that this is meant for traditionally done work.

This one is a new one. I had wanted to make a separate folder for Tutorials so it would be more organized and people would have better access to some very helpful tutorials instead of having to search through pages and pages of other works!

Manga Pages and Strips:
This one is obvious as it's title. Anything manga related or even colourings from existing panels goes all here.

Animation and Pixel Art:
Again, of course animation and pixel art all goes here.

WIPS, Line Art and Sketches:
I made a folder just for those, so it won't get mixed up with other works, and more accessible here. :)

Draw-This-Again Meme:
Just HAD to include a separate folder for this. I want a folder just for those who are into doing these, and others will enjoy seeing the growth of improvement without having to fish through other works.

Commissions Panel:
This for those with Commission charts can put these here. So any commission addicts like me:P, can have easy access to viewing these without having to struggle to look for them.

This is just as the title says. Anything to do with wall papers, or editing wall papers and such, go to this folder.

And that is all for now awesome members! And any questions, please don't hesitate to ask one of us! [Boy do I sound like a broken record._.]

:bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletpink:


Gallery Folders

...or my grammar failed me to deliver what I meant to say.
Ok. So here, I just check the mail and boom with the 400 submission...I do expect some expired artworks
and some who declined...and some who just left.

Admins are not much as active as before or once upon a I have a suggestion...

MAKE IT 2 PIECES submission...and if it was accepted, that's the time you submit again...I saw many multiple
submitted artworks everytime I check..why multiple is because some fellow members sumbit "many"...sorry, but I don't want
you guys wasting effort to submit so many only to get expired and you submit again and again till I check to accept T.T....

So, until your submission gets accepted, that's the time you submit again to avoid wasted effort on clicking & clicking
and choosing your best works just to submit. Btw, thanks for your support to make this group stable so far....=.=
or was it just my dream...

I have no full control so I can't make any access to change the submission system, so I just tell it here. My best out of nowhere idea

-- your sub admin
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This Club focuses on simply gaining more recognition for those who draw anime and manga.
Founded 6 Years ago
May 6, 2009


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Fan Club

4,640 Members
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ninpeachlover Featured By Owner May 29, 2015
i'm out of this dead group
Karumi-Soroku Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Student General Artist
Thank you for letting me join your group :D:D
Di5a5terp13ce Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sad to see this group us dead.
Juneau-88 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the group is dead, I'm leaving it, bye bye ;_;
Juneau-88 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
submissions expired again :/ maybe admins should recruit some new co-founders instead of doing everything by themselves :3 
TheGrigoriAnime Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014
x-Memoire-x Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, we're not dead :) We just face some submission/voting problems. Somehow only 1 of our admins can vote for all incoming submissions and we haven't found a solution yet.
We're sorry but we're working on it because ofc we don't want this big awesome group to die :) So please be a little more patient with us ^_^

And Merry Christmas! :hug:
TheGrigoriAnime Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014
I understand, well best solution I have heard from other founders/admins is to autoaccept 1 per day or up to 5 a week. Then you can go back if necessary to clean up/delete. Anyways thanks for letting us know.
x-Memoire-x Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes :) Thanks for the advice!
The problem is that only our founder can change settings like these and it seems that shes very busy^^'

No problem! :hug:
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Szura69 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My submissions expired.. Why?
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